The Collective

The Photographers



Being a collective means we are more like one unit rather than separate photographers all on our own individual paths. We regularly hang out, shoot, explore and do all the great stuff that gets our creative juices flowing. The main thing is sharing the skills and techniques that we’ve all learnt along the way. This means that no matter who photographs your wedding the same skills and techniques will be applied to ensure the look and feel of your images will be consistent with our entire portfolio. This is GUARANTEED.


All editing and retouching is outsourced to a professional processing lab. So regardless of who your photographer is they will all be edited in the same way to once again ensure consistent results. We’ve worked extensively with our retouchers so our pictures have that perfect amount of flavour and because they are professionals they do a better job than we ever could!


All admin, pre and post communication, editing, billing, payments and final delivery is handled by our director, Scott (who is also our main photographer). Your photographer will arrive on your big day, take exception photos that tell your story through their eyes, and Scott handles everything else. In return our photographers get paid (handsomely of course!) and get all the awesome benefits that being part of the collective gives them. We know one day they’ll fly free but today they are at your service.