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We were very excited to head to Noosa for Karlee and Ron’s wedding. Any excuse to go on a mini trip with new surroundings to work with. Noosa sparkled with perfect weather (pretty warm but gorgeous!). It was a pleasure capturing the day and we had a really nice time just capturing that natural bond between these 2 love birds.

Reception: Rickys Bar and Restaurant – was amazing!Cake Topper: Lovers – From the Owl
Florals: Twig & Grace

We love heading to Melbourne for a photo safari and wedding trip. We had a ball and as usual fell in love with melbourne even more. Chris and sophie’s big day was a mix of sun and rain, laughter and tears, graffiti and beautiful parks, it was a real mix and a great place for us to be inspired. Every detail was thought out from the cute coloured fans to the coloured layered cake.

Make up: Pollyanna Bernhardt
Reception: Luminare Melbourne

Ceremony: Botanical Gardens Melbourne City

Styling: The Style Co

Bawley Point Beach Wedding-10167

Mick and Erica got married at the lovely Bawley Bush Cottages, about 3 hours south of Sydney. These guys did something a little different than usual and had the bulk of their portraits the morning after the wedding. They didn’t want to be away from their guests too long and Scott thought it would be too much of a waste to miss out on that beautiful coastline!

Photos by Scott.

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We are so excited to announce that the super talented Scott Surplice is joining The Simple Things Studio ranks! Scott is an established wedding photographer from Sydney who has a great eye for those magic moments and is going to help share the load as a primary photographer.

Maintaining a high level of quality is so important to us and everything Scott does oozes quality. He also brings a heap of knowledge, skills and experience. Not only does Scott take amazing pictures but he has a great ability to connect with couples to make things all the more relaxed and fun on a wedding day.

We would only ever take on the best and we are so lucky to be welcoming Scott with open arms!!

Check out some of his amazing work

Scott has actually been working with us for some time already and has had a hand in each of these The Simple Things Studio weddings

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Please help us make Scott feel nice and welcome and fingers crossed he’s available to photograph your wedding!!