A little about

A little about..
At "The simple things studio" we have become known for our candid style, and it's simply because 
we are our happiest whilst capturing those fun little moments that seem to "just happen" when you're
feeling relaxed on the big day. There will be no barking orders like it's a fashion shoot, all you'll
need to do is take a breath and be yourselves, and we will look after rest.

Meet the Team

Scott Surplice
Having that hugely important task of capturing a wedding and getting to know the bride and groom
so well is an absolute privilege. I take so much care in everything I do on the day. From scouting
out locations before the wedding to knowing when to be discreet, when to stand up on the wedding
day or just get out of the way, and I’ll do it professionally, with grace and without fuss.
My favorite part of a wedding day is getting to meet the people behind the bride and groom,
their families and friends, the people that have helped them build their story until now.
I want to be a part of it, share in it and capture all those memories for you.
A wedding brings out the best in people and I am no exception. I’m going to give you
the complete experience and make every effort to make sure your day is THE BEST it can be.
I want you to tell your friends about how awesome your photographer was and how hard he worked.
This is my life and those referrals mean the world. If I make the experience beautiful,
fun and fuss free the only outcome will be brilliant photos.Being a photographer is a privilege.
I understand how important the job is and what the images mean to you. If you want a down to
earth photographer who also takes amazing images then get in touch.

Marissa Fleming
Ok, lets start with amazing natural light (don't panic if you happen to witness an excitement
attack due to amazing light!). Also at the top of the list in no particular order we have...
awesome landscapes, fun, colourful doors, laughter, textured walls, country scapes, urban scapes,
huge tress, small tress, fluffy clouds, the robot dance and anything by mother nature.
It may seem like I get excited about everything, but hey….I just love to take photo's.

Alex Mills
Alex is a jack of all trades and is the tech geek of the team. After working as a sound engineer
in radio and advertising for more then a decade, he now loves to take things slowly and enjoys
his days being filled with surfing, coffee & film making.